Elegant Enterprise

Customer satisfaction is our Mission ┬Žnot just Business

Elegant Enterprise is engaged in supplying Safety Products, Portable Eye Wash, Fire Fighting Equipment and First Aid Kit. The theme of our business is to protect the lives and we value each & every. We work for the common goal – ‘The Customer’. Our aim is ‘Safety Security & Protection’ of the human being as well as the products involved in safety of the Society. Seeing the present scenario, more safety is required to protect the lives & values of the customers in need. If giving birth is human, saving life is divine.

Our main business associates belong to Steel Industry, Plastic Industry, Textile Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Agro-based Industries.We offer free consulting to allow the personnel to choose the best safety equipment to achieve the best protection every time. We supply and deal with large number of Factories, Industries, Institutions, and Government & Semi-Government Departments in and around Umbergaon (Gujarat), State of Maharashtra, and Union Territory of Daman, Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Moreover, we conduct transparent business transactions with clients, which help in maintaining the goodwill in the market.



Valsad, Gujarat, India